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Views on Instagram determine how often and how high up your posts appear in search. With this offer you can boost your views. At you can get Instagram Views at the guaranteed lowest price.

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(44 customer reviews)

Instagram has evolved massively since its inception and has become a major player in the social media world. According to data from 2021, the platform has:

- Over 1 billion active users per month
- Over 500 million users using the platform every day
- Estimated to be more than 20 million users in Germany

So the potential for reach has increased enormously; your posts could theoretically be seen by over a billion people. Instagram continues to distinguish itself by attracting a primarily young audience. Trends on the platform are determined by metrics such as views, likes, and followers.

Investing in these metrics could give your page a quick popularity boost and appeal to a large, young audience. In addition, the number of views and interactions on your posts affect how much they are promoted by the Instagram algorithm and shown to other users. So, more interactions and videos could lead to greater visibility and reach for your content.

Of course, you could also gain the same number of views without spending a penny by waiting a long time, running ads or the like. However, especially on Instagram, the time and effort required to generate views is so enormous that it's only worth it to a limited extent. We take this burden off your shoulders and also make sure that your posts become more popular. A high number of views makes it more attractive for people to follow you, visit your website or buy your product. This is because it makes the posts look more serious and in demand. Get your Instagram views now starting from 0.89 cents and benefit from our good service.

You write the link to your post in the field provided, add the item to the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout. Then you check again if everything is correct and pay safely with one of the payment methods. That's it with your part of the work. Now our part begins, which is to give your posts the desired number of views. This usually takes only a few minutes, but can take a little longer, especially with a large number of views. If the views do not appear in the time frame of 24 hours or there are problems with the purchase process, do not hesitate to write us. We are happy to deal with any problem individually.

Although buying views is a good way to give your images and your site as a whole a boost, it is not enough to maintain a successful site over time. To make the most of the views you gain and the attention they bring, you should follow these tips:

  • Use hashtags in the description of your posts that match the posts to attract users with the same interests and get them to interact with your posts
  • Try to make contacts with other sites that cover similar topics and maybe even arrange mutual mentions (tags) on posts.
  • A good way to trigger a kind of domino effect among your posts is to encourage users to tag friends. Just do this in the description with for example the following wording "Tag a friend who is also totally into social-booster".
  • Furthermore, it is generally always good to encourage users to interact with your posts. Do this, for example, through small competitions or give users directly what they should write in the comments. For example: "Write in the comments how many likes you want".
  • The last thing to say is that on Instagram, quality trumps quantity. Even though you should always stay tuned, 3 posts a day are quite enough and no one can use a continuous spam of posts. But also try your own style and see how your users react to it. If something goes wrong and you lose followers, you can replenish them cheaply with us.

Please send us the links to the desired videos in the field provided.

The Instagram profile should be public in any case when buying views. 

The number of views can vary upwards.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Very good service and fast delivery

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