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buy automatic instagram views

Buy Instagram Auto Views

Views on Instagram, in conjunction with likes, determine how often/how high up your videos appear in searches and on users' home pages. Our service offers the best quality and fast delivery of views so that your videos also appear at the top.

Please contact us for individual offers.

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(14 customer reviews)

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Fast delivery

Our high level of automation allows us to deliver many services within minutes.

High quality

We use only selected and regularly, personally tested services.

Instagram Auto Views are views that are automatically added by us to your new videos. The views usually arrive shortly after the upload, but can be a bit delayed (still within 24h) if the server load is high. This can cause your videos to show up quickly in the trends due to the high interest and be displayed further up in the search. In addition, it looks for other users as if your posts are particularly in demand and animates them to interact with your profile or your posts. These views are most useful for videos, as the number is displayed below them. If other users see a high number, they automatically assume that this video is worth watching.

You can choose different variants of how many future posts should get views automatically and how many views should be.

For example, choose 100 views and 30 posts. Then your next 30 posts will automatically get 100 views.

We are always open to special requests and you are welcome to contact us.

Instagram has continued to establish itself as a leading force in the social media world. The platform has recorded significant growth figures up to 2023:

  • Over 2 billion active users who are active on Instagram at least once a month.
  • Around 1.2 billion users visit the platform every day.
  • Around 28 million people in Germany use Instagram.

These figures illustrate the enormous potential of Instagram to make posts accessible to a global audience. Instagram remains particularly popular with young people, a demographic that is quick to adapt and spread trends. These trends often manifest themselves in the number of views, likes and followers.

By buying views, you can quickly increase the visibility of your content. On Instagram, it is not likes that are displayed under videos, but the number of views. This is a decisive factor in how Instagram recommends your videos to other users. More views can lead to your videos appearing more frequently in users' feeds and on their Discover pages, which can further increase your reach and engagement.

You select the desired number of views and posts, tell us your account name, put the item in the shopping cart, check again if everything is correct and then go to the checkout. Then pay safely with one of the payment methods and that's it with your part of the work. Now begins our part, which consists of making the necessary configurations to automatically feed your posts the desired number of views.

Buying auto-views can increase the visibility and credibility of your posts. A higher view volume signals popularity and quality, which can attract further organic interactions.

The results are visible almost immediately. As soon as your post goes live, the auto-views start as soon as possible.

Indirectly, yes. Increased views can improve the overall engagement rate, which can make your profile more attractive to brands and advertising partners. However, please note the current legal situation.

We offer a fast, efficient and secure service to increase the visibility of your posts. Our customer support is first class and we are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns. We also offer the most competitive prices and packages tailored to your specific needs. As recently as 2024, the service was completely overhauled and prices reduced by up to 95%.

No, the likes we deliver are indistinguishable from real user interactions. There are no visible signs that views have been purchased, which signals natural engagement to your viewers.

With our service, you can focus on creating great content while we take care of your visibility. 

Auto views increase the number of views of a video, which primarily reflects the reach, while likes and followers say more about the direct interaction and popularity of a profile.

No, we offer a range of packages to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you want to add just a few hundred or thousands of likes, we have the right option for you.

If you would like an option that is not listed, please write to us. We can theoretically send several million views.

With our auto-views service, you only pay once. The auto-views are only limited by the number of posts.


50 views, 100 views, 200 views, 500 views, 1000 views, 1500 views, 2000 views, 5000 views, 10.000 views


10 Posts, 20 Posts, 30 Posts, 50 Posts, 100 Posts

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    The service is getting better and better

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    Top price and everything went perfectly 🙂

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    Everything worked very well! Gladly again!

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    worked great everything 🙂

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    Get more than purchased views really top

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    Very reliable and customer friendly contact

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