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buy youtube comments

Buy Youtube Comments

This service offers you the possibility to receive high quality Youtube comments directly from German users.

You also have the option to choose what should be commented under your video.


The most important at a glance:


German comments on Youtube show other users that your videos are popular. Many interesting comments encourage other users to interact with your videos and, for example, reply to the comments.

It is best for the effect of the comments if they come from users from your target group. So if you want to address a German audience, it makes a lot of sense if the comments also come from German users.

Buy German Youtube Comments ?

Youtube has been the leading platform when it comes to videos for years. The open statistics speak for themselves:

  • 2.3 billion active users (at least 1x per month),
  • 30 million of them are active on Youtube every day
  • 5 billion videos available

In theory, these numbers mean that up to 2.3 billion users could watch your videos on YouTube. However, in order to stand out from the mass of 5 billion videos, it is important that the videos are particularly appealing and appear in the search or as a suggestion by the algorithm. Important for this is a large number of views, likes and comments on the videos. Then the algorithm recognizes that these videos are particularly popular. We offer you a possibility to increase the number of comments with this service.

Advantages when you buy German Youtube comments

  • A big advantage is that you can choose yourself what is under your videos and thus create a good impression. Simply write your own comments in the field provided.
  • If the comments come from German users, there is also the advantage that they directly address other German users from your target group and convey a familiar impression.
  • A high number of comments makes it more attractive for people to interact with your videos or view your channel. This is because the videos will look more serious and in demand.

How does the purchase ?

You write the link to your video and the desired comments in the field provided, add the item to the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout. Then you check again if everything is correct and send your request. That's it for your part of the work. Now our part begins, which consists of adding the desired comments to your video. This normally takes a maximum of 24 hours. If the comments do not appear in the time frame of 24 hours or there are problems with the purchase, do not hesitate to write us. We will be happy to deal with any problem individually.

Choose the right package

With us you will find different packages at different prices. The choice is up to you and we always try to provide the best price. The larger the packages, the more they also save on the purchase.

What to consider

Please write the link to the desired video in the field provided. Please send us in this field also their self-selected comments.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


10 German comments ( 4,99 € ), 15 German comments ( 7,99 € ), 20 German comments ( 9,99 € ), 25 German comments ( 11,99 € ), 30 German comments ( 13,99 € ), 35 German comments ( 15,99 € ), 40 German comments ( 19,99 € ), 50 German comments ( 23,99 € ), 75 German comments ( 31,99 € ), 100 German comments ( 39,99 € )

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    Comes as requested.

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    Supi...very satisfied

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    am very satisfied with the service😊

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    2 different names, but the same profile picture not so good

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    Very satisfied

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