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Instagram comments

Comments on Instagram show other users that your posts are popular. Many interesting comments encourage other users to interact with your posts and reply to your comments, for example.


The most important at a glance:

(40 customer reviews)

Comment options:

Random comments

With random comments, your post will receive generic English comments that actually match most of the content.

Matching the post

For "match the post" comments, we look at the post and come up with creative comments to match the content.

Self selected comments

If you want to choose your own comments, this is the right option. Here you can enter the comments you want in an extra field.

Instagram has established itself as the leading platform in the social media world by 2021. The latest statistics from 2021 show:

  • Over 1 billion monthly active users,
  • More than 500 million users active every day,
  • Over 15 million of them from Germany.

These impressive numbers show the enormous potential that Instagram offers. With so many active users, there is a possibility that millions of people will see your posts and especially your Instagram comments. Instagram is characterized by a young, trendy audience. Success on this platform is often defined by the number of comments, likes and followers.

Increase your reach and authenticity by purchasing Instagram comments from us. This can quickly make your profile or post trendy and attract a young, engaged audience. This can lead to increased interaction and potentially higher profits. Another benefit: You can choose the comments yourself or select our custom Matching Comments to give your posts the maximum credibility.

A big advantage is that you can choose yourself what is under your pictures and thus create a good impression. Simply write your own comments in the field provided. We will gladly take over the task for you and find suitable comments for your posts.

Of course, you could also gain the same number of comments without spending a penny by waiting a long time, running ads or the like. However, especially on Instagram, the time and effort required to generate valuable comments is so enormous that it's only worth it to a limited extent. We take this burden off your shoulders and also make sure that your posts become more popular.

A high number of comments makes it more attractive for people to interact with your posts, visit your website or buy your product. This is because the posts look more serious and in demand.

You write the link to your posts in the field provided, add the item to the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout. Then you check again if everything is correct and send your request.

That's it for your part of the work. Now our part begins, which consists of adding the desired number of comments to your posts. This usually takes only a few minutes, but can take a little longer, especially with a large number of comments.

If the comments do not appear in the time frame of 48 hours or there are problems with the purchase, do not be afraid to write us. We are happy to deal with any problem individually.

Please send us the links to the desired posts in the field provided. Please also send us your self-selected comments in this field.

The Instagram profile should be public in any case when buying comments. 

The number of comments may vary upwards.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Exclusive services

Optimized processes enable us to always offer you our top services at the best price.

Fast delivery

Our high level of automation allows us to deliver many services within minutes.

High quality

We use only selected and regularly, personally tested services.


10 comments ( 2,49 € ), 15 comments ( 3,49 € ), 20 comments ( 4,49 € ), 25 comments ( 5,49 € ), 30 comments ( 6,49 € ), 35 comments ( 7,49 € ), 50 comments ( 10,99 € ), 75 comments ( 14,99 € ), 100 comments ( 19,99 € )

40 Instagram comments ratings

  1. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  2. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  3. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Everything top

  4. Andreas (Verified owner) -


  5. Anonymous (Verified owner) -


  6. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  7. Anonymous (Verified owner) -


  8. Frederico tip ball (Verified owner) -

  9. Tim (Verified owner) -

    I can only recommend!

  10. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  11. Guido Fischer (Verified owner) -

  12. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    could be cheaper, but otherwise top

  13. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  14. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  15. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    I can recommend it to others. Zack, suddenly the clicks were there. Even some more than ordered.

  16. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Very reliable and relatively timely delivery of views. As ordered, so delivered. Really recommended, as even under 1000 views are offered.

  17. Nina S. (Verified owner) -

    Fast, uncomplicated processing

  18. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  19. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    was very satisfied 😀

  20. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Super 👍

  21. Anonymous (Verified owner) -


  22. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    is ok I can recommend

  23. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  24. Marco (Verified owner) -

  25. ANDREA Ruotolo (Verified owner) -

    Supet app

  26. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Top, very reliable and fast delivery

  27. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Super but unfortunately also English in it

  28. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Great price performance but unfortunately a lot of useless comments in English included

  29. Agnes (Verified owner) -

    Super . Fast and competent handling

  30. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  31. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery!

  32. Christian (Verified owner) -

    Was very good

  33. evelyn langer (Verified owner) -

    The self-written comments are great ,the subscribers/followers, unfortunately always disappear, but comments are great

  34. evelyn langer (Verified owner) -

    The comments are great but the subscribers just disappear again! Had bought 3000 subscribers,now they are all gone!

  35. evelyn langer (Verified owner) -


  36. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Everything super, fast and without problems

  37. Bj_rn (store manager) -


  38. Bj_rn (store manager) -

    Quick and easy. Thanks

  39. NIkki (store manager) -

    The views were extremely fast and it even worked on a live video. TOP I buy again

  40. Dennis Favella (Verified owner) -

    Have unfortunately only half of 2000 call get on the video is actually a complete pity.

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