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With this service we offer you the possibility to raise your Youtube Watchtime to a new level.

We guarantee to deliver at least the ordered hours and in most cases even more.

For a more detailed description, feel free to read on.


The most important at a glance:

The latest figures from 2023 show that YouTube has more than 2.7 billion active users per month, which represents a significant increase compared to the previously mentioned 1.5 billion active users. This immense user base illustrates the platform's enormous potential for content creators. In terms of video uploads, over 500 hours of video footage is uploaded daily, underlining the continued popularity and engagement on the platform (Growth Navigate).

In terms of geographical distribution of users, India leads the way with 467 million active users, followed by the US with 246 million and Brazil with 142 million. These figures illustrate how global and far-reaching YouTube is as a platform, which in turn increases the opportunities for content creators to reach an international audience (Growth Navigate).

YouTube Premium, YouTube's subscription-based service that offers an ad-free viewing experience as well as access to YouTube Music, has now reached 100 million subscribers, indicating users' increasing willingness to pay for quality content (Business of Apps).

The figures illustrate the enormous reach and growth potential of YouTube. For content creators, this means that through strategic marketing and producing engaging content that is tailored to the interests and needs of the target audience, there is significant visibility and monetization opportunity on the platform. Buying likes can theoretically help to increase a video's visibility in the short term, as videos with higher like counts tend to perform better in YouTube's algorithms and are therefore more likely to be recommended. However, it is important to focus on authentic and high-quality content that retains viewers in the long term and promotes natural growth.

Of course, you could also gain the same number of likes without spending a penny by waiting a long time, advertising or the like. However, the time and effort required to generate likes is particularly high on YouTube. We take this burden off your shoulders and also ensure that your YouTube videos look more serious and interesting. The high number of likes makes it more attractive for potential customers to like your video, believe you, visit your website or buy your product. Just take advantage of our cheapest offer for 0.99 € to test how this affects your videos.

You write the link to your video in the field provided, place the item in the shopping cart and then go to the checkout. Then check once again that everything is correct and pay securely using one of the payment methods. That's it for your part of the job. Now our part begins, which consists of giving your videos the desired number of likes. This usually only takes a few hours, but can take a little longer, especially if you have a large number of likes. If the likes do not appear within 24 hours or there are problems with the purchase process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to deal with each problem individually.

Buying YouTube Likes can significantly increase visibility and engagement for your videos. Likes signal to the YouTube algorithm that your content is popular and relevant, resulting in higher placement in search results and recommendations. This can increase your reach and potentially attract more subscribers and natural engagement.

As soon as your purchase is complete, we start delivering your likes immediately. Results can often be seen within 24 hours. Full delivery depends on the quantity selected, but we work quickly to ensure you see timely and effective results.

Yes, absolutely. We use only the safest methods to add likes to your video. Our practices ensure that your account is not at any risk of being banned or penalized.

Indirectly, yes. By improving the visibility and engagement of your video, you can attract more viewers and potential subscribers. Higher viewership can lead to increased advertising revenue and more opportunities for sponsored content, which benefits your overall revenue.

We offer a fast, efficient and secure service to increase the visibility of your videos. Our customer support is first class and we are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns. We also offer competitive prices and packages tailored to your specific needs.

No, the likes we deliver are indistinguishable from real user interactions. There are no visible signs that likes have been bought, which signals natural engagement to your viewers.

With our service, you can focus on creating great content while we take care of your visibility. Boost your YouTube engagement today and watch your channel grow!

Likes are a direct indicator of the engagement and popularity of a video, while views represent the number of times a video has been viewed. Subscribers, on the other hand, are users who have chosen to follow your channel so as not to miss any of your future releases. Each of these elements plays an important role in the YouTube ecosystem, but likes are a particularly strong signal of positive user interaction.

No, we offer a range of packages to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you want to add just a few hundred or thousands of likes, we have the right option for you.

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41 reviews for Youtube Watchtime

  1. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  2. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  3. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  4. Rommy (Verified owner) -

    Super. Watchtime comes like in real life. Slowly and safely.

  5. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  6. admin (Verified owner) -

    since 31.03.23 I'm still waiting for my delivery! No response received until today!!!

  7. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    The time was distributed over several videos. Simply super service

  8. Ronny (Verified owner) -

  9. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Can be quietly something transparent on several videos.

  10. Maria (Verified owner) -

    Everything in order

  11. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Great service. Helps to make the channel better known.

  12. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  13. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  14. Guido (Verified owner) -


  15. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  16. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  17. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

  18. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Thank you for the good service

  19. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    It would be nice if the time was spread over several videos. Super service

  20. Klaus (Verified owner) -

    Had given a video for it, but the Wachtime was scattered

  21. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Would have to be distributed more

  22. Christian (Verified owner) -

  23. Ronny K. (Verified owner) -

    Everything worked

  24. Hasan Öksüz (Verified owner) -

  25. Ronny (Verified owner) -

    Everything worked out perfectly.

  26. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Very good service and very fast delivery

  27. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Could be spread over more content

  28. Anonymous (Verified owner) -


  29. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Very reliable, top provider!

  30. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Super work from you

  31. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Unfortunately, the Watchtime hours were made only on one video and not over different videos

  32. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Very satisfied

  33. Alexander (Verified owner) -

    Process and transparency is great. Unfortunately does not work immediately the addition

  34. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Fast and uncomplicated!

  35. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Reliable as always!

  36. Anonymous (Verified owner) -

    Very fast delivery!

  37. Marc (Verified owner) -

    Good service

  38. Guido (Verified owner) -

    Supi...very satisfied

  39. Linard Nils B. (Verified owner) -

  40. Dima -

    Mega reliable

  41. Anonymous -

    Started directly and after 2 days were 3k hours on it

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