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Youtube - Buy German views for your video

Many views on Youtube videos make your video appear more often on the platform and significantly represent how many people your video has reached. With this offer you can improve these numbers and guaranteed at the best price.

With this exclusive special service, we offer views from real German-speaking users.

The most important at a glance:

(6 customer reviews)

Increase your reach on YouTube with German YouTube views

YouTube, the world's leading platform for personal videos, has continuously evolved since its inception and is known for its enormous variety of content. By [current year, e.g. 2023], the platform has reached impressive milestones:

  • Over 2 billion active users: YouTube has further expanded its user base and now reaches over 2 billion people worldwide, including a significant number of German users.
  • More than 500 hours of video material per minute: huge amounts of content are uploaded every day, making the platform an unbeatable source of entertainment, education and information.
  • More than 200 million daily users in Europe: YouTube has a strong presence in Europe, including Germany, with millions of users accessing the platform every day.
  • Monetization opportunities through advertisements: Content creators still have the opportunity to generate revenue through advertisements on their videos.

These figures illustrate the enormous potential of YouTube. A video on this platform could theoretically be viewed by up to 2 billion people, including a broad German audience. YouTube is characterized by the fact that it appeals to people of all age groups.

Trends on YouTube and the importance of views

Trends on YouTube are often determined by likes and views. Videos with a high number of views, especially "German YouTube views", receive more attention and have a higher chance of being seen by a wider audience. In addition, views also influence the visibility of a video in search results and on the YouTube homepage. Videos with many views in a short time are displayed more frequently in the top search results and can even appear on the YouTube homepage.

Increase your presence on YouTube

By increasing the visibility of your video through German YouTube views, you can:

  • Expand your target group: Reach more viewers within Germany and beyond.
  • Increase your brand awareness: More views can lead to greater credibility and recognition of your brand.
  • Increase your revenue: Higher view numbers can lead to more advertising revenue and better monetization opportunities.

Of course, you could also gain the same number of views without spending a cent by waiting a long time, advertising or the like. However, the time and effort required to generate views is particularly high on YouTube. We take this burden off your shoulders and also ensure that your YouTube videos look more serious and interesting. The high number of views makes it more attractive for potential customers to believe you, visit your website or buy your product. 

You write the link to your video in the field provided, place the item in the shopping cart and then go to the checkout. Then check once again that everything is correct and pay securely using one of the payment methods. That's it for your part of the job. Now our part begins, which consists of getting your videos the desired number of views. How long it takes for all the views to arrive depends on the size of your order. After the big Youtube update, only high-quality clicks on Youtube are counted. We therefore send in a natural rhythm so that the views arrive spread over several hours.

The video must be publicly visible for the views to arrive.

The number of views may vary upwards and possibly drop slightly over time.

We offer a free refill in this case.

It can take several days for all views to arrive for large orders.

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