Instagram trick - Get more followers quickly and for free

Free and fast more followers for your Instagram page

In the following text I will show you how you can generate more Instagram followers quickly, easily and completely free of charge. All you need is an Instagram account and these instructions. The whole thing takes about 10-20 minutes and if you do everything right you can immediately gain up to 100 new followers. The great thing about this trick is that you can do it as often as you want. But what you should pay attention to, I will explain at the end of this text. So and now enough promises made. Let's get to the execution.

What do you need

As promised, all you need for this trick is your Instagram account. I created a new one to demonstrate and followed these instructions exactly.

Instagram free and fast followers

How to get the followers

Now the actual work starts, which consists of following as many Instagram pages with a lot of followers as possible. For example, the official Adidas page (recognizable by the blue tick) and the pages that are suggested there. So that you don't have to search all of Instagram for the biggest pages, I've made the whole thing easier for you. Just go to my Instagram account @followerkostenlos_ and follow all the profiles that I follow there.

Complicated variant:

Instagram free and fast followers
Instagram free and fast followers

Simple variant:

Instagram free and fast followers
Instagram free and fast followers

Success is not long in coming

Already while you are following the whole pages, the first followers and also likes should arrive at you.

Instagram free and fast followers
Instagram free and fast followers

During my experiment, I already had over 20 new followers right after I did it. The next morning, I even had more than 60 new followers. 30 new likes were also added to my picture. During previous runs and longer waiting times, I've also had up to 100 new followers. It always depends on the time of day and how many users are active.

Instagram free and fast followers

The hook - What you should definitely pay attention to

So it really does work to generate followers completely free of charge and with little effort. Of course, there is always a small catch with such things that are simple, fast and free. We now follow numerous sites that don't interest us at all. "That's not so bad, I can just unfollow them," you're probably thinking to yourself right now. Here's the problem, though. Instagram doesn't like to see this trick and has therefore built in a protection mechanism. If we unfollow the profiles now, our account will not be able to follow anyone for a day (briefly blocked but still available). Of course, we don't want that and unfollow a few pages over the next 3 days, spread over the day. The protection mechanism does not notice this and we are not blocked. When the 3 days are over and you don't follow any of the profiles anymore, you can start again from the beginning. So follow all profiles again and unfollow them in the course of 3 days. Very simple.

How does this work and why are these people following me?

Lastly, I want to explain to you why the whole thing works and where these followers come from. Why the whole thing works is quite simple. If you follow a big page, you will be displayed among the followers of the page at the top of the list. Instagram wants this because especially active or new users should be found better. This also explains why new people suddenly follow you. They see your name at the top of the list. They expect you to be a particularly active user, who may follow them back or shower their pictures with likes. Of course, you don't have to do that and can just be happy about the new followers.

If you have any questions about the topic or Instagram in general, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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